5 RVing Hacks You’ll Thank Us For Later

If you’ve been on just a few RV trips, chances are you’ve started looking for genius hacks to provide a little more space and make life in a smaller space easier. To help you out we gathered the top 5 RV hacks we’re sure you’ll thank us for later. Each of these are sure to enhance your time on the road and make a difference in how you experience RVing.

Use Doors | Your doors are essentially dead space that are waiting to be brought back to life. Use items like hanging shoe racks, hanging spice racks and any other type of storage device to create a little more room by attaching to your doors. Most of these items can be used for things other than what they’re initially intended. For example, you can use hanging shoe racks to store lotion bottles and other toiletries.

Hooks | Hooks can be installed inside cabinets, closets and even on the sides of shelves to create a little more storage space. Just remember to avoid using these for very heavy or fragile items. Don’t hang your favorite coffee cup or anything else that you’d miss if it broke. Save these hooks for items like dust pans and mini brooms.

Velcro | Velcro can quickly become your best friend if you think of all the uses it has. Use it to stick your remotes inside of the entertainment center so you don’t lose them while traveling.This quick and simple fix can save you from a big headache later on down the road.

Pass Thru | You can utilize your pass-thru storage for more than just camping chairs. Adhere brackets to the ceiling and use this space to mount flat items like brooms and dust pans.

Suction Cups | Don’t like the idea of putting nails in the wall? Clear suction cups are almost invisible and can be used to hang cookware and other small kitchen items.

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