Create a Herb Container Garden

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Image:Basilico Genovese di Prà-5.jpg Genova – Due mazzetti di “Basilico Genovese DOP” di Prà {{user:Twice25/Crediti|Genova|marzo 2006}} category:Ocimum == Licensing == {{self|cc-by-sa-2.5}}

The perks of RVing are endless. You get to see the country while never having to leave your own space. You can enjoy fresh, home cooked meals, make memories with family, bring along your furry friends, and even enjoy your hobbies on the road. If you’re a gardener did you know you can actually enjoy container gardening on the road? Now, before you get excited you need to set your expectations. Container gardening in an RV is quite different than container gardening at home. Your containers will be smaller, therefore, what you can grow will be smaller. The ideal RV container garden is a small herb garden. This allows you to cultivate and utilize what you grow and maybe even share your bounty with your neighbors.

The best herbs to grow indoors, year round are:

Basil: This plant LOVE lots of sun and should be placed in an east or west facing window if possible. If you enjoy cooking Italian food you need fresh basil.

Bay: Popular in south Asian dishes, the plants are easy to grow and just need a decent amount of air circulation to thrive. Throw a few in a delicious curry your family is sure to enjoy.

Chives: Who doesn’t love chives on their baked potato? As summer comes to an end pull up some chives from your home garden and plop it into a pot. These little guys grow easily and survive through the winter and can be added to everything from soups to curries.

Oregano: Cut off a tip of a larger Oregano plant and place in a south facing pot. This is another staple in Italian cooking and is a great addition to chicken dishes.

Parsley: This delicious herb makes the perfect addition to salads and can even be used as a feature piece in dishes like tabbouleh.

Now, before you start your herb garden you need to make sure you have a few key items. You’ll need pots that can either fit in your window area or easily be pulled inside and outside of your RV. Plastic pots are the best option because they won’t break like traditional terra cotta or glass pots. You can easily customize plastic pots using spray paint to match your interior’s decor.

Once you’ve chosen your pots it’s time to select a great soil. Choose one that drains easily and is packed full of nutrients. Purchasing soil might sound silly, but you want to make sure the soil you use is disease free, insect free, and weed free. The cleaner your soil the less likely it is that you’ll have to use pesticides to protect your plants, which means you can keep your herb container garden organic!

Determining where you plan to place your container garden requires much thought. You want to find a spot that offers plenty of sun and even fresh air during the summer, but also need to make sure the spot you choose is able to be modified to include some sort of security measure to keep the pots from tipping. This might mean that you add a bar across the window to keep your pots upright or simply use a bungee cord.

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