Traveling With Kids: Tips for Brave Parents

children playing outside

If you’re lucky enough to have kids you know what an adventure life with them is. Whether they’re newborn babies or a toddlers, traveling with children can be daunting, but don’t let that stop you. When traveling kids are exposed to a ton of new and exciting things. They learn to be flexible and curious. If you’re thinking of taking up RVing, but are a little hesitant read our tips to learn how to make traveling with kids easier.

Get an RV | If you’re planning on traveling with your children you’re going to need flexibility, something flights and hotels don’t offer. When you have an RV you’re given the opportunity to tailor it to your lifestyle. You can bring your kids’ favorite pillows, their toys and potty training devices. It’s a lot harder to make your kids feel at home if they don’t have items that keep them comfortable. Additionally, RVs provide you with your own four walls so if the kids happen to throw a tantrum the neighbors aren’t woken up.

Activities | Plan your activities around the kids. You can still hike and go bird watching, but you might want to look for shorter hikes or less intense hikes. Bring along a baby carrier just in case the kids get tired and don’t want to walk.

Engage | If your kids are toddlers or old enough to talk and engage, get them involved in the trip. Have them help with cooking or putting stuff together. It doesn’t have to be any intense, but make sure they feel like they’re helping and a part of the team.

Snacks | As you likely know, when you have kids getting creative in the kitchen pretty much goes out the window. Be sure to pack plenty of the kids favorite snacks to keep them entertained and tied over while you get used to cooking in the RV’s kitchen.

Games | While getting set up once you’re at the campsite is fairly easy, you need to plan for the drive to your destination. Pack plenty of games, music and even DVDs that the kids can enjoy on the drive.

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